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    It's a true team Sport were the all players are needed.
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    New Rules. New Field. New Equipment.
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    Let the Best Team Win.

"Sport, like music, is something universal, something that is understood all around the world, regardless of social, ethnic or religious differences. Not only sport is universal, but also its values."

- Dr. Jacques Rogge, Past President, International Olympic Committee -

Introducing FastScoop Sport

Like other sports You can play it for fun or for winning.

What is FastScoop Sport?

FastScoop is an interesting, fast-paced sport that requires true team play. You can play FastScoop anywhere; all you need are the scoops and a ball. In FastScoop it is strategy that wins the game; violence and tackling of any kind are not allowed. FastScoop is all about strategically passing the ball quickly to another player. It is a team sport with two opposing teams. The team to score the most goals during three periods wins.
In a good team the game is very fast-paced and precise. FastScoop scoops are easy to use and you will soon find yourself addicted to the game because you can quickly see results in mastering the use of the scoop.

Introducing FastScoop equipment

There is brand new equipment in FastScoop Sport.


The Scoop

The Scoop is a result of almost 10 years of creative thinking and developing the product. There is no electric or anything hitech in the Scoop (yet) but it works like a magic. You can throw ball with it over 150 km / h and catch as fast ball just losing a bit your grip. It weights 250 g and is 570 mm long. On the field it's your best friend.



FastScoop ball is made of leather or syntetic fabric and its full of round shape plastic granules. It weights 65 g and it's a bit smaler than tennis ball. (Official balls radius is 55 mm.) It feels like a footbag or hackysack but it's developed to fly straight and keep it's shape while it's flying from Scoop to Scoop. It doesn't bounce. Don't let this little guy out of your sight.



FastScoop Goal is a whole new goal on fields. It is made for this sport. It's optimized size for making goals from long or short distance. It is 1600 mm height and 1300 mm width. The "GOAL" part is 700 mm height and it lives 900 mm high from the surfice of field.

The FastScoop Field

The official field size is the size of a half of a soccer field (circa 40 m x 70 m), but FastScoop can be played on both bigger and smaller playing fields. The surface material can be anything; snow, grass, sand, asphalt or any kind of indoor surface.

Play FastScoop indoors and outdoors

Official indoor field: 20 m x 40 m

Official outdoor field: 40 m x 70 m


FastScoop Sport

These are the rules in most cases if you are not playing in official Tournaments or just want to play only official rules.

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Rule 1. Playing Field

The official field size is the size of a half of a soccer field (circa 40 m x 70 m), but FastScoop can be played on both bigger and smaller playing fields. The surface material can be anything; snow, grass, sand, asphalt or any kind of indoor surface.

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Rule 2. Goal Area

There are circular goal areas on both ends of the playing field. Players cannot enter the goal areas. When the ball enters the goal area or crosses the baseline; either
1. if the ball last touched an attacker -> the defense team gets a throw-in from the baseline
2. if the ball last touched a defender -> the attacking team gets a corner-throw

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Rule 3. Touch lines

When the ball completely crosses a touch line, a throw-in is awarded to the team opposing the player who touched the ball.

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Rule 4. Centre mark and centre circle

The match and periods begin, and recommence after a goal from the centre circle. A player from each team stands in the middle of the centre circle each on their own side. Players hold their scoops vertically at head height; scoops touching. The referee throws the ball high in the air between the two players and the players try to jump and catch the ball to their team.

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Rule 5. Playing the Game

Players must not run while holding the ball, and must pass it within five seconds of receiving it. Players are not allowed to pass the ball to themselves, but must always pass it to another player or try to score a goal. If the ball is dropped to the floor it is fair game to anyone.

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Rule 6. Scoring a Goal

Players can try to score a goal from anywhere on the playing field. FastScoop does not have goalkeepers. The team that scores the most goals wins. After a goal the game recommences from the centre circle.

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Rule 7. Match Time

In official matches the match time is 3 x 20 minutes.

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Rule 8. Other Rules

There can be only six players from each team at a time on the playing field.
Teams can have up to nineteen players.
FastScoop has free-throw and penalty-throw.
Tackling and violence are not allowed.

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IFSF - International FastScoop Federation

The Future of FastScoop? - IFSF, the International FastScoop Federation is striving towards making FastScoop an internationally known and respected sport among the other great ones.


contact @ ifsfworld.com